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If you're launching courses or programs, you're probably wondering, "What can I tweak to get better results the next time I launch?"

It starts with a powerful debrief.

During this asynchronous audio event, you'll learn how 8 expert course creators approach debriefing after each launch—from the data they look at, to the questions they ask themselves, and the different ways they leverage this intel for their next money-making launch. You won't hear these conversations anywhere else!

You'll get:

  • 2 exclusive interviews each week via private podcast feed (listen from anywhere!)
  • Juicy discussions about the episodes in a private Voxer chat (exclusively for attendees!)
  • Expert insights and practical takeaways. It's not theory—they will reveal what they did and how you can implement it for your next best launch.

August 2023

meet our speakers

Jordan Gill
Systems Saved Me

Emily Reagan
Emily Reagan PR

Parker Stevenson
Evolved Finance

Celia Arias

Amisha Shrimanker 
The Copy Crew

Abagail Pumphrey
Boss Project

Britney Gardner

Tasha Booth
The Launch Guild


Melissa Harstine

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You can't keep doing your debriefs the same way you've been doing them and expect to get better intel or better messaging. 

Especially when we look at what's happening in the marketplace. There's so much change. 

You want to keep a pulse on what your audience is asking for today. 

While you can make assumptions about that, you won't really know until you do an audit.

Through my work with expert course creators like Jordan Gill and Content Bistro, I’ve seen the impact of auditing recent launches so that you can take the information you learned and realign your audience and message for faster conversions and growth. 

As a frequent guest speaker, I've had the privilege of sharing my insights and experiences on platforms like The Copywriter Club Podcast, Rebel Boss Summit, and Rick Mulready's Art of Online Business.

When I'm not helping my clients achieve their goals, I love watercolor painting, gardening, attending college football games, and blazing through a good book.

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